Akiine (full name Akiine Kivelä Ngarambe) has this wonderful knack of wrapping the listener around her little finger with minimal effort, opting instead for expertly chosen, subtle adornments that serve to embellish the emotions behind her gossamer vocals. If they’re enough for her, they’re more than enough for us. —The Line of Best Fit



“Matter is all about opposites playing off against one another, with Douglass’ vocals gliding cool and clear over BAILE’s cavernous, distorted backdrop. The video revolves around two hypnotic dancers facing off; one is dressed in dark clothes, one in light, and each contorts themselves to match the awkward, unpredictable grace of the track.” —The FADER



“Swedish Londoner Akiine drifts by like a dream on her new single ‘Paranormal Activity.’ Taken from her Neptune EP—out via Color Station on October 30—it’s a carefree electronic pop song that bounces along on a lilting, ramshackle rhythm, with Akiine lullaby-singing about mysterious forces that have her feeling so high all the time.” —The FADER




“Rooms holds us at an arms distance as Kuro BC tests the terrain of the track, but once things kick off there’s no turning back.” —Earmilk


Bewilderbeast – Still/Alive LP in stores now



“Lucid, engrossing and bathed in colour, enjoy Bewilderbeast’s hallucinogenic take on electronic pop. ” —Clash Mag


CS001 Shines EP, Aug 5th, 2014

Shines EP Wheatpaste


Press play into the intro for a stunning sonic landscape, a loud high-pitched flickering that screams “I’m here” just before melting into a layered downtempo gem in ‘Heartstrung.’ Created in complete privacy over a span of nearly a year by experimental producer, Shines, this self-titled EP is inherently personal, and equally unpredictable. The darkness is deep and yet you won’t finish this abbreviated journey without a laid-back summer listen. Warm synths, intuitive sound imaging and captured noises of the neighborhood via field recordings all help to create the absorbing soundscapes. Experience the music’s emotions and be encouraged—this journey is only the beginning.


‘Finding Eden’ Premieres on ISO50


White Royal – False Widow (Shines Remix)

About: there’s a concept called destabilization, where art images & sounds go to the heart first and then the brain, moving your emotions in a confused way before intellect helps to create order and reflect on things.


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